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Adventure Tour - Bourbon Tunnel

Open to the public

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Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays. (Daily opening until Jan 7th)






via Domenico Morelli, 61


Disabled people can not join the guided tour, because of the staircases. It is important not to suffer of claustrophobia.

Additional information

  • Visitors aged over 15 €15
  • Visitors aged 10-15 €10
  • Visitors aged under 10 are not allowed to join the tour
  • Mandatory reservation
  • This English tour is available only for groups; a minimum number of participants is required.
  • Reservation is required: by reservation only
  • Tour lasting: 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • Kids over 10 years old can join the guided tour
  • Children aged 10-15 is required to show a valid Identity Card
  • Taking pictures is allowed only in some areas of the tour
  • Smoking – cigarettes or e-cigarettes- is not allowed.

For further information or to book, contact us:

+39 366 248 4151

+39 081 764 5808

An exiting historical tour through the Underground of Naples. Wearing an helmet and using a torch, you will visit the water tanks and the narrow routes made by the “pozzari”, the workers of the ancient aqueduct system. In addition, you will reach some spots of the Bourbon Tunnel, like the main room where the vintage vehicles are parked. Walking on an ancient bridge you will be able to reach then a huge water-tank, connected to an abandoned subway's tunnel, flooded and navigable for few meters on a small raft.

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