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La Galleria Borbonica è un luogo speciale per concerti ed eventi teatrali realizzati in sale dalla pregevole acustica; gli ambienti offrono atmosfere magiche per sfilate di moda e mostre d’arte dove si assiste ad un intenso contrasto tra l'antico ed il moderno.

Eventi - Galleria Borbonica


il giorno sabato 02 marzo 2019

Event - Raft - Galleria Borbonica


The charm of the Galleria Borbonica returns with an exclusive and magical guided night tour by raft.
A small cistern to mark the entrance to this adventurous route, reachable through a short tunnel, from where we will admire some exceptional workmanship, in addition to the crosses engraved in the mortar linked to the hard work of the "pozzaro".
This magical raft night tour will be made even more special when you return to the Galleria Borbonica, where we will pass through a narrow tunnel about 30 meters long and descend into the large cistern through an iron staircase.
From here we can observe the arched walkways used by the "pozzari", then we will embark (and here the thrilling adventure will come to the maximum) on a raft that will sail on the underground aquifer of Naples, in the abandoned gallery of the never completed L.T.R. (Rapid Transit Line).
They will be an incredible setting for our exciting tour, huge fragments of statues, cars and vintage motorcycles found under the debris.
During the journey, our guests will be served an aperitif with a waffel on a stick and spritz by Ricky Graff Street Food.

For this event, reservations are required

Entrance: Via Morelli, n ° 61 (pedestrian entrance of the Morelli Parking)
Two rounds Saturday 2: 1st round at 20.00 | 2nd round at 22.00
Max availability per shift: 40 seats
Duration: 2 hours - Cost: 20 euros
Booking information
Telephone: 3341119819 Claudia
(from 10.30 to 13-30 and from 15.30 to 21.30)